Giving underprivileged children books and toys

This project originated while the founder of covidfighters.bkk was decluttering and organising her house. She had discovered that she had so many toys and books that she havent touched in ages. And that was when it all begins.......

It immediately sparked to her that someone’s unwanted toys/stationary/book can become someone else’s treasure and we could be the ones to deliver them!

We see kids as the next generation in other words they are the pople who will shape an mold the society in the upcoming future. We see the potential in all Thai children in various fields. Hence, we really do hope that this project of ours can enhance the children to cultivate their imagination and develop their creativity. Last but not least, we hope that the children can really benefit the most from these toys not only in terms of the joy but also to boost their creativity. We strongly believe that every child can grow into adults that can make this world a better place to live in!

So if you have books and unused items, please feel free to contact us to get delivery details. If you want to donate to help us, scroll down for more information!


+66 94 415 1965

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